Hillel Smith

RentFoodBroke & BrokeLA

RentFoodBroke is a resource for getting around Los Angeles and through life on a budget. I created the site with a few friends and I designed all aspects of the brand, starting with the logo, and extending to all printed and digital elements.

The BrokeLA.com calendar exclusively lists LA events under $10. The RentFoodBroke blog covers everything from finding a job and cheap medical care to throwing a cheap dinner party and finding the cheapest movie theaters.

RentFoodBroke logo RentFoodBroke logo RentFoodBroke website

The RentFoodBroke site and blog.


Promotional postcard given out at events, and a common feature of freebie tables around the city.

RentFoodBroke Business Card

To save money, make our lives easier, and make a satement, our business cards have contact info for all three partners alongside our photos, allowing people we meet to remember us easily and be in touch with the right person.

RentFoodBroke T-shirt

The RFB "bums" proudly wear their shirts on all official business and hand out more at special events.

RentFoodBroke Party

We throw parties.

RentFoodBroke presents Go West Young Man RentFoodBroke presents Sanglorians

We present shows. (Pictured here: Go West Young Man and Sanglorians)


We're on the big screen at HollyShorts Film Fesival at the Chinese Theatre.

RentFoodBroke red carpet

Here's us on the red carpet.