Hillel Smith

Purim Ambigram Boxes

It's customary on Purim to give gifts of food to friends, called mishloach manot in Hebrew (or shalach manos in Yiddish). Every year I make increasingly insane papercut mishloach manot packages for this ritual of edible gift giving and I’m especially proud of this edition. These octahedral boxes feature caricatures of Mordechai crowned in royal garb and Haman in his triangular hat, each on a triangular face evocative of hamantashen. A “Happy Purim” message occupies two sides. Look closely and you’ll see that “from Hillel Smith” is repeated upside-down on the second side. Why? Well, check out what happens when we turn the box over. Pretty cool, right? The entire box is identical when flipped! These were inspired by the phrase v'nahafoch hu from the Book of Esther (9:1), describing how the fate of the Jews “was turned around.” We are also instructed to rejoice so indulgently that we can no longer tell the difference between Haman and Mordechai. Play with the box long enough and you’ll be one step closer! As usual, the text and details are cut out of the paper, not printed, and the boxes use no adhesives of any kind. Happy Purim!

purim ambigram boxes purim ambigram boxes purim ambigram boxes