Hillel Smith

Parsha Posters

Begun at Simchat Torah 2015, the Parsha Poster project is a series of posters "advertising" the parshat hashavua (weekly Torah portion). The posters utilize innovative Hebrew typography--each one integrates the Hebrew name of the parsha in Hebrew somehow into the illustration--and a bold, graphic aesthetic to tell Biblical stories in a new way. All posters can be seen at bit.ly/parshaposter and purchased here. A book collecting all of the posters is available as well, which you can buy here. Please subscribe to get the posters weekly by email at eepurl.com/bdqZIT. The entire series is now on display at UCLA Hillel and the Kol HaOt Gallery in Jerusalem, and portions of it have been shown at the Sabes JCC in Minneapolis, the Merage JCC in Irvine, CA, and at American Jewish University.

Parsha Posters book Bereshit poster Noah poster Terumah Pinchas