Hillel Smith


LaunchBox, the brainchild of educator Batsheva Frankel, is the winner of The Next Big Jewish Idea contest from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. LaunchBox is a "toolkit" intended to foster conversation on Jewish topics through games and activities. Targeted at teens, the look had to appeal to them by looking cool and not too Jewish, but also had to look Jewish and friendly enough that their parents would take it home. We started with the logo, incorporating a gear that abstractly conveys a star of David. The box—designed to be mailed or distributed, and to be reusable and look good on a shelf—introduces the teal color and the bold, geometric aesthetic. Included is C.Hi.P. In: The Competing High Priorities Game with a deck of situations and a bag of values players propose to be most important when deciding how to tackle these predicaments; Rab-bites: brief answers on the meaning of life from local rabbis and Jewish thinkers, with tips on how to live a more meaningful life; a comic book; discussion cards; a music CD; and a few other activity pieces.

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