Hillel Smith

Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory

It's common knowledge that Jeff's Gourmet has the best kosher sausages, burgers, and pastrami in Los Angeles. Of course I said yes when Jeff wanted a brand refresh. Together, we updated the logo to improve legibility. Then we redesigned the storefront, designed the Jeff's van, made new menus, and even made signage for the Jeff's stand at Dodger Stadium!

Jeff's Gourmet logo

The new Jeff's logo, easier to read from far away and at small sizes, easier to print, more focus on the name and the chef mascot. The design of the chef was also improved.

Old storefront

The old storefront with the old logo.

Jeff's Gourmet storefront

The new storefront with new branding and colors.

Jeff's Gourmet van

The Jeff's van, bringing fresh kosher goodies to ...

the Jeff's Gourmet stand at Dodger Stadium!

Jeff's Gourmet at Dodger Stadium

Assorted Jeff's promotions

Jeff's Gourmet ads

Jeff's menu

Jeff's Gourmet menu